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Tricks or Treats

Human eats...

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Ding Dong - come in, come in

Chocolaty treats you'll find within

White, milk, or darker than sin

All of your favorites, where to begin?


Ding Dong, give you a treat

I don't want any tricks, so come take a seat

Lick the sweetness coating the meat

The sweet and salty of tasting your very own feet


Ding Dong, we'll play the trick

We'll see what you like and what makes you tick

Then we'll feed you enough to just make you sick

And rush to your rescue with a knife and a stick


Ding Dong, we are man eaters,

You came to the door of real human feeders

We slice through the veins looking for bleeders

Then chew on your meat as your sanity teeters


Ding Dong, we tricks and we treats

This is no poem for the faint or the weak