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· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Scarcely a whisper leaves her frosty mouth in the form of a sigh

The waves gently stroke the arms that are spilling over the sides of the boat 

Their rhythmic flow brings a smile to those half frozen lips

She had done it

She had let them go

She said her goodbyes and pushed that deadweight overboard 

Her inner child came out to play and grace themselves in the sun’s warm rays, reflecting off those bountiful water ripples

She felt this child dancing around merrily in circles, singing happy hymns

Arms outstretched above themselves reaching for the cloud swirls above them

She had released herself from the hateful treachery within their hearts 

Her boat circled in the transparent blue waters;

Purify the vessel and everything in it like a cinematic religious ritual 

Spinning, spinning, spinning

Her head and heart followed the inertia of the boat's organic rotation 

She was sure she wasn’t dreaming…

Her newfound freedom was secured through a pinch on her own arm

It was all real

She was real

And they were really gone

She had done it - she had saved herself