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Stella Madsen


· Black's Twists and Teasers


Strong. Lawyer. Bad Bitch. Independent. Sadist.    

Sometimes you have to play a little rough in the sandbox if you want the biggest castle and Stella’s the friggen Queen of an entire shoreline of grit. 

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do in a world run by mad white men, but Stella’s no stranger to taming the wild egos around her.   

She made a promise to herself years ago that she’d be the one to end her family’s long history of poverty and embarrassing transactions–always the victim on the other end of a raw deal. After graduating with her law degree, she passed her Barr exams with flying colors and left the hood behind for good. 

She doesn’t throw her money around, but sometimes a good naked body rolling with it in the sheets hits the spot. She’s earned it–she can spend it as she pleases… just like her time.  

Much of that is spent as a tongue wagging lawyer in Newark, but by night she relieves society from a different kind of fiend. When the moon is up and the doors are locked, she leads them one by one to her basement–her private den of perverted pleasure.    

Whip wielding, glowing with pure excitement from within, she gets off on being a Dom–and her clients enjoy it too. For very different reasons… but it’s all the same, right?   

Life is good until Stella finds she shares something very special to her with two other women–one in her own damn neighborhood.    

Stella doesn’t like to share. She’s never been any good at it.    

What to do, what to do….