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Michelle Jeffreys


· Black's Twists and Teasers

Meet my girl, Michelle...

She’s a witty and wise female powerhouse who swallowed a bitter pill when she found out her husband, Dameon, had been cheating on her for TWO years.

The fucking nerve...

She’s never been the flashy type-she’s got a past but we all do, right?

Michelle Jeffreys is your average, down-to-earth, hardworking woman who gets run over by the “mini skirts and flirts” in this world. Flaunting their long legs has seemed to get them everywhere and everything Michelle’s ever wanted-and stolen them from her too. First the hoes stole job opportunities, promotions and then they stole her man.

There is one positive that came from their sham of a marriage, their daughter, Emmy. Even though Michelle and Dameon have split custody of the spunky ­­sixth grader, Dameon has been absent more often than he is present. Let’s just say the situation stinks for poor Emmy and it’s Daddy Dameon that isn’t coming out smelling like roses. He reeks like the rotting corpse of the man he used to be.

True, it’s taking a while for Michelle to lick her wounds but she is thriving in her career, her role as a Mom, and within the few friendships she has…

SIDE NOTE: … speaking of which, she is a good friend of one of the book’s major characters, Remi. In fact, Remi moves in with her trusted friend and her quirky daughter after spending too many disappointed hours alone in a cold and careless New York city apartment.

During the day, Michelle is a Client Service Specialist at a dental office in Newark, where she lives. By night, she is a kind and caring mother who works really hard to edit her opinions of Emmy’s dad in front of her. But sometimes the word vomit just can’t be stopped.

Her friends and family have always turned to her in their lowest points in life–she’s like a magnet for misfortune. Most of the advice she offers sounds solid, maternal-like, and level-headed, that is until you talk about men.

Cheating, lying, soul suckers are all they are to her now.

All of them.

We all wear our scars-we have no choice, but Michelle rips at their seams, peeling them bloody, keeping them open for all eternity. Wide and gaping welts of toxicity threaten to take over her pureness, her once virtuous heart of gold.

She has chosen to help dig the graves for as many bastards as she can fit under her shovel.

Can she ever really heal?

Will she come back to the light or will she stumble further down into the shadows?

Is it lonely down there in Hell, or will she be with the Devil’s daughter?

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