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Characters of Attempted

Meet the voices inside my head.

· Black's Twists and Teasers

Characters introduce themselves to their pen-pushing creators as if they were real, tangible people instead of figments of the writer’s imagination. Each one seems to form their own personality traits, sense of humor (or lack of one), likes and dislikes, and for most of those in psychological dramas, salacious attitudes.

The characters in my upcoming debut novel, Attempted, came into my world about two years ago when I started experimenting with a fairly specific plot. Truth be told, the storyline came to in a dream, as most of my writing does. As I continue to write the book, the plot thickens, elements progress and the characters seem to become more and more entangled. But it is almost eerie when these fictional fantasy players tell me I am not portraying them the way they should be- like I am a puppet to which they hold the strings. The twists, turns, and level of deception that the book has, and continues to organically take, will not only surprise future readers… but is surprising myself.

On that note, before they transform themselves into something else entirely, I would like to introduce to you, my dear thrill seekers, what these characters look like in my head.

🔍What clues can you pick up on from the video? Is someone being untrue to who they are? Is someone hiding something and looks anxious about it?🔎

I would love to hear what things these characters are saying to you, so share below in the comments. ⬇

P.S. Oh yeah, I will showcase each character more in-depth as a sort of countdown to publication, so stay tuned for more character info that will have chomping at the bit.