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A Melanie Black Short Story

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Something comes out of me every night creeping and crawling back towards the moonlight

It threatens to ravish, devour and eat every morsel of me from my head to my feet

A black cord made from tar is pulled from my crown... My soul feels a tumbling backwards and down

From whatever evil that had me possessed, you’ve been stripped of your powers, completely undressed

Taking all my power back was a choice that I made.... Without help from the Shaman I may have been too afraid

Now sitting back in my personal warmth of creative control, I recognize if I hadn’t made the decision you would have taken your toll

Instead, I rejoice for the action I’ve taken... If you think you’ll be re-welcomed you are mistaken. 

I feel free, dapper, and light with you no longer coming out to play in the night.