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My First, WILD, Reiki Experience


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OK, guys and gals, about two weeks ago already I had my very first reiki session with a certified Shaman Healer and the experience was just short of mind-blowing. First off, I want to share that I worked with the gloriously gifted Irene Pregl, with the St. Croix Healing Arts Center. If you are local... I HIGHLY recommend. 

Before I'd even arrived, Irene had pulled two tarot cards and did an energy reading on me from the very brief interaction we had scheduling on the phone. And folks, what she had to say before even formally introducing myself was jaw-droppingly accurate.

Now, I know there are a lot phonies out there posing to be mystics or healers, but I do know there are those that are the real deal in this world 100%. (How I know that is a whole other story meant for another day in the world of blogging). A lot of times we'll watch for generic statements or open-ended visions that are really actually being used by the soothe-sayer as question seeking answers via your subconscious response. But the specificity of what Irene already knew about me was too pin-pointed to be anything but the real deal. A gifted individual I am looking forward to visiting often. 

🔮Reiki Pre-Game Experience 

So what did Irene already know about me before I had arrived? I'm about to lay it out in this reiki pre-game section. 

  1. I was feeling angry with myself and past decisions I had made specifically around losing personal power. ❇️This was a big reason why I went to Irene in the beginning. Without telling her, I felt this overwhelming heaviness from choices I made in my youth - the shame and guilt that was holding me back from moving forward in light and hope. 
  2. I have to fight to redeem my personal power because in past lives I made some dark contracts - I was someone that took other people's power away and used it as a manipulation tool. I still have some of these darker contracts affecting "this life" showing up in dark writing or nightmares.🤔I thought this was extremely interesting insight because I AM A THRILLER WRITER for Pete's sake.  It's literally my day-job to write dark shit. And nightmares... please; only every single night. After affirming I have nightmares regularly, Irene let me know they were actually glimpses from previous lives. Oh shit...
  3. There was something I was trying to force through with my job and I needed to let it go... I would only continue to keep hitting roadblocks and feeling stressed over something I couldn't rush through. ❇️Well, this one here may sound super generic to YOU guys, but at the time I was struggling with an online payment system that was, for the life of me, not accepting my LLC credentials. So whether that's how that message was supposed to ring through to me, that was my immediate connection. My reaction - utter relief. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I knew to let it go. 
  4. Irene mentioned she knew I had Celiacs and other autoimmune diseases and recommended that I take digestive enzymes with my probiotics to help my stomach discomfort. ❇️She hit the nail on the head here - I am an autoimmune nightmare with lots of leaky gut issues. I since have added digestive enzymes to my daily routine and man, do they make a difference! Life-changing comment right there in a passive 30 second thought put to words. 
  5. And last but not least, probably the most meaningful for me ... she knew I was a portal for the deceased. She explained me as someone who helps with their life's review and getting messages back to loved ones.❇️Throughout my life, I have had some wild experiences from the beyond, usually trying to guide me in a better direction. But the past couple of years, I started having people come to me, waking me up in the middle of the night, to let me know they were dead and how they died. I discovered I can converse with them and counsel them through their transition while they share advice from the other side with me. I will be writing a whole blog about this soon, so stay tuned to hear my story living amongst the dead.   

All this BEFORE the actual reiki section guys! I couldn't believe it. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor before I could even walk over to the table and apparently wipe away the few tears this last one brought to my eyes. It was definitely something I was already aware of and communing with, but for the longest time, I felt evil or crazy for having these connections with the spirit world. Now I know it's a gift, not unlike Irene's. I can feel free to embrace it. Own it. And love it for the closure and strength it can bring to others. 

⏭️Coming up next.... all about the official Reiki session  🦍Phase One | The Animals. 

Stay tuned!