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Surviving Purgatory

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Running through these halls, grasping at doors to find them locked

Looking back over my shoulder

Deep breathing; gasping for air

My lungs are overworked and filled with dust

A taste of sawdust resonates in my mouth

Pieces of wood made their way to the cells on my tongue

Serving as a reminder of where I have just been

Holes in the floorboards; they pop up like gopher heads from the soil

Skipping over boards makes me feel as if I am a pawn in your game of chess

This is exactly what this is - a game

One lacking humor and is, instead, one of wits 

The winner is freed from the torment

It chases me further into the darkness

It’s getting harder to see through those board holes

The threat of getting stuck in purgatory for all eternity is building

Hyperventilating, I spin in the blackness, leering into the fog

No matter which direction I turn, I see nothing

Feeling lost and defeated, I regurgitate a blood-curdling scream

I do not scream for you

I do not scream for help

I scream for my sanity 

I cry for closure; Heaven or Hell -it no longer matters

I crave the ending to that taste in my mouth, to the evil within me

I see the coffin I broke out of and the grave I undug 

They wait for me, my final resting place