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A Melanie Black Short Story

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

They say I am different

 Born like no other they've ever seen

A brain like mine- not quite one of a killer

But killing was my main full-time job when I wasn't in here


They say I am interesting

Not in a nice, motherly tone

More like a passive aggressive way to say they want to probe me...

Learn more about the superpower I claim to have


They say I am special

No, they don't believe I have a power

Not even after hearing my explanation for murder

For that, they say "there's no excuse"


They say that I could be easily be torn

Straight down the middle of my Medulla Oblongata

My brain is perforated, and they want to know how

It functions the way I want it to- but not to their liking


They say I am broken

I know that's not true

I say I am better, more honest, and driven...

To get what I need and make the world a better place along the way


They say I am damned

And maybe I am 

But if my perforated brain sets me apart from the sheep...

Well then, let me be damned


They say I am trapped in this asylum forever

To be poked, prodded, and scrutinized


They say I will never escape

Never be free again


I say I am already free

I say I will always be 

I say they can never break my will


Because I know I can split into more than two

There are endless layers to my perforated brain

There are endless me's out living in this world


I say I will close my eyes now

They think it is to rest

I think I will jump into another "me" now

They think  I am dead