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Dameon Jeffreys


· Black's Twists and Teasers

We meet Dameon in ATTEMPTED, but truth be told, so much of his story comes to life in book two- Coming 2022!

Liar. Cheat. Someone only faining interest and seems so sweet. 

Dameon Jeffreys did it. He cheated on his now ex-wife, the Queen of Consistency and Miss Reliable 2018, Michelle Jeffreys. 

Why'd he do it? He was bored- not just with her, or their marriage... he was bored with the man he was becoming. Sure, being a wonderful dad to Emmy was always going to be his number one priority in life, no matter who he morphed into. It's just that he wanted to be someone more interesting- edgier, a risk taker. And married life to Michelle, the most predictable good-girl he'd ever met, offered no cliff-hanging frills. 

So he did it. He went and made his life more interesting by adding a secret... lovers, ack-mates, and an affair. 

No, don't get him wrong, his side pieces weren't long-term relationship material. That's not what he was looking for, so that's not the type of women he was choosing to attract at the nightclubs. What kinds of married, middle-aged fathers are out partying at nightclubs, you ask? When did the bastard find the time, you want to know? When he was "working late" of course- common' that's manufacturing standard on playboy models these days. 

Pumping iron in the wee-hours of the morning, playing Dad at breakfast, another grueling day at the office assuming the role of Mr. Responsible, and finally hucking it up with singles-and-ready-to-mingles at night. He had a regimen, but it wasn't until that got too boring that he started pairing himself off with other women behind his wife's back. It was the flurry of fear of getting caught; the quick, desperate handies back behind his garage-(the same garage right next to the living room where he knew Michele was still awake, watching tv), the hushed voices, the naughty-boy act, the chase, the catch, and the release. 

It was all worth it. It made his life worth living again- until he got caught. 

Everything was out in the open. Michelle filed for divorce, stung by his uncompassionate, willy-nilly handling of her heart. There was a lot of resentful arguing from both sides. The only thing they agreed on was Emmy. Sure, they would be rid of one another, but they would need to respect the other enough not to bad-talk the other parent to their daughter. Michelle probably believed there was nothing for Dameon to complain to her about in the first place- but she was, once more, wrong. At least that's what he thought when the worms were still in the can. 

Now, there was no secrecy, no clock to race against, no hickies to camouflage, nothing. Back to boring. Sure, sex with strangers was a gamble of its own but not a large enough of a pot for the taking to bother playing the game for. 

So what now? How was he supposed to be unpredictable, racy Dameon without a marriage to have extramarital affairs outside of? How do you know you're living outside the box when there's no box anymore? No lines to confine you? 

He just has to find a way to heat things back up again. And the only way he knows, is to hurt Michelle...again.