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My First,


Reiki Experience

Part III


· Black's Twists and Teasers

Ok, so it’s been a while dear friends, but I couldn’t let this last part of my first ever reiki experience go. No way, there was way too much toxicity to just move on and stray away from the power of sharing real-life stories.

Fighting with the Unseen

So I bring you back to the Shaman Healer’s table where I lay. She is setting different stones on and around me to not only protect my energy but to try and reground some of which is flowing through me. As she walks around my body chanting and humming I hear her gasping in air every once in a while; like she is sucking something away from my spirit through a tight-lipped straw.

Moving energy stuck in my crown chakra.

Then more low murmurs. The drum's intensity picks up as she plunks her hand against its deerskin top over my stomach.

Like a fire exploding in the room, Irene, our story’s healer, makes a break for it towards the wall of instruments and grabs one of her beautifully painted gourd maracas which chatters along my chest and head working her way down to my legs.

It seems like whatever she is shaking out is stuck because she continues to wave back and forth over my knees and shins with enough vigor to awaken the dead. Opening my eyes slowly, without wanting to move my head out of position of the crystals placed so thoughtfully above it, I glimpse Irene twirling the maraca around in circles as she is winding something around it. Then she is pulling; tugging at some invisible string like a seasoned fisherman reeling in the catch of his life.

The shaking, the rolling, and the pulling went on for about another fifteen to twenty minutes. My mind wandered off to imagine a giant shark at the end of that string prancing in the air; flying out of harm's way in sheer stubbornness to die.

Finally, more air sucking, whispering, and hand waving. I think Irene is sweating. She looks exhausted. She has completed one of the most challenging cleanses she’s ever performed. I finally lift my head and our eyes meet - mine with curiosity and hers with disbelief.

Dark Matter

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“Wow, I have never in my life experienced something like that before.” Irene sputters. “Have you seen the movie Venom?”

I shake my head silently.

“Well, that’s the closest thing I can compare to what was crawling through your veins. Sweetheart, you had a living black tar - like a stringy venom- living inside of you. Coursing through your veins. At first, it was coming out through your head but as it was leaving your body it was trying to enter me through my stomach so I had to back it back into you and try from the bottom.”

The memory of fierce rattling and winding popped into my head now making complete sense.

“That darkness was looking for another host and I‘m sorry but that’s not going to be me. But don’t worry, I got it out for you. It was really stubborn there for a while after I think it realized that it was being wound tight. I told the ground that as soon as it left your body it would have to absorb the darkness for us. That there was no other place for it go - that the earth needed to take it back and do with it what it needed to.”

As Irene is telling me this I can feel a lightness all over my insides and surrounding me. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, I am feeling a positive light. My aura had been cleansed because the venom was released. Irene’s face had a look of complete awe on it and equally relieved that she had not only contained the evil but sent it back to the earth…. Who knows perhaps even to the pits of Hell where it came from?

My life since has been far from the heaviness I had been feeling - a pressure collapsing down on my lungs. I can laugh again. Feel grateful instead of hateful. I know I can do anything I put my mind to once more instead of doubting every decision I make out of fear. I will forever be grateful to those with the gift, those like Irene Pregl with St Croix Healing Arts. Because of those that can connect with the supernatural, I am whole again, my life no longer being suckled by the parasite from within.