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Tom Williams


· Black's Twists and Teasers

A Slick-Rick business man one day, a tree hugging, temp-checking hippie the next.  

Who is the real Tom Williams?

Does anyone really know him? 

Tom used to be a victim of his circumstances - that is, until he decided to not be anymore. He would grow his hate for her, for them, and would only prove something - anything - to himself from then on. As a youth, he felt neglected by every definition of the word by his mother and was truly abandoned by his biological father. Disgustingly, there were plenty of men trying to fill that role in his life by slipping into the front side of his mom's disease-ridden pants. Thankfully, none of them lasted but then again, nobody in his life ever really did. 

He thought his luck had changed when he met his first love, Kim, back in high school (only after making a deal with the Devil). But just like every other flake around him, she left him too. These are the moments that changed little Tommy into the man he has become today; a panty-swindling success story that could charm his way into almost any scenario he deemed worthy of his time. In fact, he's made it into a game. How far can he take it without getting caught? And if he gets caught, how would he get out of it? 

He's well aware that he's partied with some crazy women from time to time- promising them this and that. But the fun of the game comes into play when it's time to part ways... will they go off the deep end like he secretly hopes they will? Or will they silently wander away, moping in their own self-defeating thoughts? With never a fear of being scarred by the "relationships" or the insanity of one of his exes- he gets off on watching their pain- their loss. He knows it all too well himself and knowing that he can be someone to inflict that same feeling on others- and so easily- is all he could ever ask for. 

Pull up a chair; he wants to sit and watch the discomfort wriggle through them one by one. 

Is he somewhat of a sadist himself or is it the bond with the devil that's made him this way?

I hope he knows there are only so many corners to hide in before the fire consumes him and the Devil finally cashes in his side of the betting pool.