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The Chase

A Black Original Poem

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Something tells me to run- back to you?  Away from you?

The chase is on, no matter which way I turn

I feel like everything has been a flash while I have been dead asleep

Ignoring the emotion behind all the fallacies

All the disgust, depression, and disagreement

Ignoring the beauty to cap off the feelings from overwhelming me,

I know it to be true - I will someday be with you

Never to fight in hate, but only in passion

I am tired of being lost to the rhythm without the rhyme

I can’t keep pushing on merely to survive

I want to breathe in the peace I was never granted 

I want to taste the salts of the earth and feel the whisper of disgrace enlighten me

I have never truly belonged anywhere - an alien spinning in a foreign body

Silently I sit, but someday I will stand

Then, run in whichever direction I goddamn please to