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Sam Feeler


· Black's Twists and Teasers

 Sweet. Sincere. Smart. Sam Feeler, the Healer. 

 Sam met Remi back in high school- their two schools were rivals at just about everything, but that didn’t stop the two of them from appreciating their contrasting life views. Sam was full of hope, faith, and what seemed to be a never-ending pool of wisdom; whereas, Remi was a prime example of ye of little faith. Where Sam shines, Remi has a dull, nicked nugget of emptiness. There’s a lot to envy about Sam; Remi knows this and wants to learn what he can teach her… maybe it would help her case. 

One thing they have always had in common is drive. Since day one they shared the dream to make it in the Big Apple. 

Sam always dreamt of being a successful photographer but after living the life of a starving artist in the tough and broken city streets, he realized his dream was more like a hobby and went back for his master’s degree in physics- more specifically quantum physics. 

Sam and Remi’s ties are strong in a big, deep, Wu-Wu way.

The name he’s best known by in his side-hustle is Sam Feeler the Healer, or for those more skeptic, Sam with ALL the Feelers. Teaching high school physics is fun for Sam, not challenging, but fun. It’s not until after regular business hours that he reaps the rewards for his unique combination of being highly educated and possessing a clear third eye with 20/20 vision–a gift only a few use on the daily. The more you put it to practice, the stronger it becomes. 

Thoughts, feelings, messages… all of which he receives with no other reasonable explanation besides the fact that his connection to the beyond never fully separated after he was born earth side. His connection, at most, was perforated. And with each tapping in, he melds the seams back together. 

Inch by inch, person by person… getting a read on it all. 

And oh what a read he gets from the hell little Miss Remi has broken herself into. 

He sees more than she knows… more than anyone knows. Whether or not he likes it, he’s in it now. And he cannot simply just walk away. His life is getting turned upside down and inside out by the treacherous trio.

Sam needs to make different friends if Sam wants to survive.