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Returning to Darkness

A Melanie Black Short Story

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Eyes glistening with compassion, 

Ears willing to listen to the voice that's not even speaking

Hands guiding a balanced transition from the dark back to the light

Something I am supposedly returning to but simply don't remember


Eyes squinting to understand

Ears perked to grab hold of a nonexistent whisper

Hands outreached to offer an unwelcomed embrace

A strange new world is unfolding and I don't think I like it


Eyes closing

Ears shut with fleeting interest

Hands shoved in pockets trying to self preserve

Something wicked is unfolding before my wide-open eyes


Eyes are glaring

 Ears are bleeding

Hands are connected to folded arms across their chests

They are stupid humans- they lost esteem from a slow reception


Their loss is my gain

I despised the prying eyes

The pathetically wanting ears

The crass, wrinkled hands grabbing at straws

I will be alone now to return to the darkness...


A place where my eyes, my ears, and my hands feel at home.


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