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Remi Nash


· Black's Twists and Teasers

Say Hello to Miss Remi...

She may seem a little shy to some.

She’s definitely sweet, but there are hints of sour… 

Remi Nash is in love for perhaps the first time in her life and is more than ready to start a family of her own- problem is, her beau is not necessarily on the same page. He’s not even ready to move in together so what makes her think that he’d be ready to share DNA?! 

 Instead, she connects with her driven realism and starts looking into the magical realm of scientific impregnation using a donor. 

 Has she shared this news with her boyfriend? 

Not a chance… then again, it’s becoming clearer by the day, that he hasn’t been sharing everything with her either. 

 After being abandoned by her mother at a young age, it stands to reason that she knows what pain feels like, how to stand up to it … maybe even overwhelm it in return. 

 Her bestie, Michelle, has shed some light and now it’s in Remi’s best interest to follow the highlighted path to reckoning.

  Will she be strong enough to do what she knows she must to make things right again? Or will she let her own deep-seated fears and preposterous empathy stand in her way? 

 She’s done this once before, but can she do it again without burning for eternity?