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Rachel Dobbs


· Black's Twists and Teasers

To them, she is a meek brown-noser who will yes-woman her way to the highest pay-grade she can achieve without becoming a lawyer herself.

To her, she is a business savvy, go-getter that uses her resources and surroundings to play the game and get a head. 

In a reality... she's a sucker. 

Rachel Dobbs is a young woman who thinks she's figured out this game called life and at such a young age too. She believes herself a prodigy of sorts. A prim, proper prodigy. And one day, soon, it will all pay off. All the ass kissing, her blatantly fake persona of an overly intrigued entry-level business professional will get her where she wants to go. 

"Fake it til you make it," she whispers to her reflection every morning before slipping into another prudent black pair of pants and a form fitting polyester mix top. They hug her curves just enough to be suggestive to an interested eye but not openly flamboyant - she likes to get and give a little thrill now and then but she ain't no hussy. 

Her day at the office is much like her perpetually predictable outfit rotation; much of the same. Plain, consistent, basic = all words that sum up her duties as receptionist at the law firm. She greets people, gets them over-priced bottles of water, tries to refrain from small talk as she's been told to, answers the main phone line, scribbles messages, conveys those boring messages, and snoops on private calls. Yup, you heard the last one right. Listening in on the others' grit is the only thing that keeps her brain from rotting away due to not misuse. 

The only problem is that she knows all of their problems- sometimes a bit too well... and sometimes not well enough. Like any other natural human being, she fills the gaps of information with stories she's created using her very basic imagination. This leads to false information and a lot of assumptions. None of which are working in Rachel's favor. Maybe it's time for little Miss Sunshine to get out and actually experience the world first hand instead of trying to rob others of theirs. Or maybe it's just time for her to make a friend- a good friend that has her best interest at heart. 

Unlikely. Not impossible. But highly unlikely.