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Myra Kennett


· Black's Twists and Teasers

Uninhibited. Organically bohemian. Curator and Artist. Abandoned. 

Myra was raised by a strong-willed feminist who opened her eyes to a creator's world. Creators of art. Creators of love and life. Myra has only flourished in the arts community first as a fluid painter, and more recently as a highly respected potter. She can pot with the best of them and smokes a little too. 

Her heart is open to everyone and everything but she's not sure she's ever really loved anyone romantically before; well that was before she met her sweet, world-changing, hippie human... her Tommy Gun. When he's not sharing his knowledge and gifts with the world, he's sharing his body with his bohemian princess. And boy does he do more than just sharing – he’s a giver at heart and Myra greedily accepts all that he has to offer. 

After being taught to never trust a man fully, or become completely reliant on another person by her betrayed mother, Myra finds it difficult to commit to the whole happily ever after thing she knows she should want. Then again, she wanted it as a child, too., that might not be fair. All she really wanted as a child was her dad. If he wouldn't have disappeared, she's sure they ALL would have had their fairytale ending. She's not unhappy by any means.... just a little lonely.

It appears those times are over as a new crew of ladies enter unannounced and uninvited into her life. They came in like a whirlwind, engulfing her into the twist. Their stormy skies seem a little darker than hers, but she's stuck in the middle of it now, just watching the chaos and destruction around her, holding onto what she can to stay intact.