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Kay Toltz


· Black's Twists and Teasers

Sweet and sultry, but desperately nosy. 

Kay Toltz could almost be described as a fair-weather friend but just on the opposite end of life's peaks and valleys. When you're feeling down in the dumps or have something to sing the blues about, you can rely on your friend Kay to be there to collect the deets. She's either living vicariously through people or she is the EPITOME of an extrovert. 

Chances are, she's both. 

Remi met Kay almost a year ago in her work building. Kay works on the floor above her as an Administrative Assistant of sorts. The two hit it off right away; then again, who doesn't get along with the get-along girl, Kay? She's a good listener, rambunctious, and full of life - perhaps from all the caffeine she drinks- lady loves a coffee shop!

Though Kay adores a good time, she lives for the drama. Love dama, hate drama, work drama, friend drama, family drama; even though she's a teen at heart, she's in her mid-thirties or, as she would describe, "Thirty, flirty, and fabulous". Of course, she didn't pen that, but she might try to make you believe she did. 

As things unravel in her friend Remi's life, she is always a solid sounding-board and a bit of a shit-disturber, making her every girl's best sleepover gossip gal. 

There may not seem like there's a lot going on for Kay; so, maybe it's time she grew up a bit...