• Love is gentle. Love is kind.     

    Love can kill you or make you blind. 

    Tom Williams appears to be your average sandy-blond businessman in the Big Apple, with a pair of sea-green eyes that look as if they can see straight through you. But, unfortunately for him, they can’t.


    His suaveness can charm the pants off almost anyone, but that won’t help him survive when the universe entwines three of his lovers. A young flowing boho artist named Myra, a successfully anxious commercial realtor named Remi, and a domineering lawyer, Stella, who moonlights as Madam Madsen in her evenings.

    Nobody likes to be played a fool.


    Together, the trio decide to take matters into their own hands and make him pay for what his deceit has turned them into. Self-doubting, distrusting, tormented women are dangerous.


    But someone goes off script and things get out of control.


    Darkness sweeps their souls but not all of them are trying to run from it. Some have already let it consume them.


    Tom should have never played with fire. But does he still see it burning for him?


    Vengeance comes in the form of a woman and she is the Devil’s daughter.




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    A Writer's Workbook 1.0

    A Writer's Workbook 1.0

    As an author of psychological thrillers, I am innately attracted to tapping into the power of
    suggestion, games of the mind, and mastering organic imagination to my very whim.

    A Writer’s Workbook 1.0 takes you away from your writer’s desk and into a psychiatry chair to
    dig through the belief systems, experiences, fears, and memories of the characters that
    already exist in your world. From here, you can shape their story while listening to them tell
    it to you… one session at a time.

    Through this process, you will not only write about the personalities and characteristics that
    make your people unique, but engage and interact with them as if they were real. And for
    many of us channeling our books, they are. But that’s for a different segment.

    Buckle up and get a pen in hand, the fanatic fiasco begins here.
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