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Big Bad Red

A Melanie Black Short Story

· Short Stories by Melanie Black

Whatever happened to that sweet little girl

The one with the red hooded robe

All smiles- no lips to unfurl?


She wandered down to granny's place

But was met with something big, dark, and hairy

With giant eyes and sharp teeth in its face


Yeah, you know the story

The little girl that saves granny

And that woodsman has his day of glory


She grew up stranger than strange

Not quite right after what she saw

Her head scrambled and deranged


You wouldn't be able to tell by the looks of her

She's tiny and cute and red-headed to boot

But at the base of her head grows a silver patch of fur


What you didn't know was that she was bit

Back in the day, beside old Granny's bed,

The old wolf leaned in and chomped with some grit


She's a hybrid now- really something to see

That's if you can get close enough 

Without losing a leg or a knee


Blood thirsty she is, any kind of meat she'll devour

It never lasts long

Can't risk it going sour


She never killed the beast but let him live

Secretly intrigued,

She knew there was something more he could give


Behind those pale yellow eyes and oversized paws,

She saw a man deep down

Trapped behind the animal's monstrous jaws


She fell for him fast- her heart in a hurry

Now run from her 

Or she and her beau will catch you in a flurry